Well the 944 is still going well though not without its problems which is only to be expected on a car of this age.

I have had to replace the top hose as well as the usual service items like spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm, the fuel filter and spark plug leads.


I had a problem that I thought was the fuel pump it was making a terrible noise, and so after a couple of phone calls to the specialists decided it was the fuel pump. I got an almost new one from Porsche-Apart and duly fitted it only to find it was making the same terrible racket. Another phone call later revealed that it could be the fuel tank outlet pipe filter that could be block...which meant draining the tank which I had FILLED only the day before!

I borrowed a couple of 25 litre containers from a local haulage company and drained the tank and indeed the tank filter was completely blocked. I cleaned the filter and replaced it, then replaced the old pump anyway just for good measure and voila it was sorted.


I have also had problems with the car leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold, anyway after a quick trip to Hartech (to see where they were before I took the car in) they found that an inspection plate at the rear of the cam box was leaking and after effecting a temporary repair that oil leak has now been slowed down.

Talking of Hartech who are a Porsche specialist, I am taking the 944 to them to have their C service done. Which is in fact a fact finding or rather fault finding mission to see what condition your car is in. While it is in I am having the cam belts done just to be on the safe side, and any other job which I think is needed.


The reason being is that we are going to Bournemouth to visit relatives in the school summer holidays, and also Scotland during the same period so I want the car to be in a reasonable condition before we set off.


I also want to try and sort out some cosmetic things like the nearside electric window not working...after all we might get some hot weather this summer you never know.


More on the 944 later.


Email: 944@essentiallyentertainment.co.uk

Essentially Entertainment

Porsche has later CupII 17 alloys

Rear end has the lower valance from the Turbo and makes the car look lower

Front end has 944 S2 bumper and driving lights



Porsche 944 2+2 Coupe


1982 on a Y plate, but with a private plate since new registration.


Leather interior and Cup II Alloy wheels.