This page I hope to share with you my love of cars.


I have a love of BMW’s especially the E30 3 series and especially the 6 cylinder engines but it wasn’t always this way.


My interest in cars came when I was about 15 and my dad bought a Ford Corsair that had a broken starter motor. He didn’t have the money to get it repaired right away so it stood in our car park for ages. Eventually I decided that I could probably learn to drive in this car after all it was just sat there doing nothing. Yes…  I know the starter motor was faulty but I had seen my dad bump start it several times so I knew the procedure and after only a couple of times bumping it, it fired up…great! Within only a few minutes I had got the hang of clutch control and the rest is history as they say.


I have not always been a fan of BMW, my first car was a 1961 Morris Mini Van registration number 5538 YG in green. It only cost me £10 when I bought it in the mid ‘70s from a friend call Billy Bickerstaff. It was the vehicle that I really learned to drive in, even though I didn’t have a driving license, tax, mot or insurance. I went everywhere in it even though it took me 3 days of driving to eventually find 3rd and 4th gears due to the long floppy gear stick.


My first BMW was an E21 320 4 cylinder non injected silver 2 door saloon reg UGG 462R. It needed a lot of work but I got it roadworthy very soon and it gave me a lot of driving pleasure. I then got a 1985 E30 323i 2 door saloon in red which was a lot quicker, next came a 1988 E30 325i auto which I thought was excellent followed by a 1989 E30 325i Tourer auto a picture of which is on the first page of this site.



Well I finally got a “new” car and although I feel like a traitor to BMW I also feel that it is the right thing to do to try a different car.


So far I like this new car and it is better than I thought it would be, and just so that there is no confusion I have decided to give the Porsche its own page.





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