My own interests are collecting music either on CD or MP3. I also have a vinyl record collection of around 700 7 records and around 200 12 records. I will be doing a listing on this site in the future.


I will also experiment with putting sample music clips of the records I have.


I also like Formula 1 so there will be some content on that, I also like BMW's especially the 3 series E30 range and at the moment I am looking to buy a convertible or tourer. It has to be a 325i and automatic as I think it makes it feel more luxurious as it glides along with little hint of a gear change.


The above photo is of a friend of mine called Alexandre who lives in Sao Paulo. The picture was taken as he competed in the Formula Chevrolet series, and this race was held in Rio De Janeiro (which means river of January) and he came second!


I also like extremes of weather especially snow storms and gale force winds and so on hence the little weather graphics on each page.


I like that I can put what I want onto this site...its very satisfying...

General Interest


Essentially Entertainment

Top photograph Alexandre getting 2nd place


Middle photograph Alexandre on track


Bottom photograph Alexandre and my friend Jonathon